Gary Topiol – Managing Director, International, Empathica – A Mindshare Technologies Company

Gary Topiol has been developing global customer experience strategies for FTSE 100 & Fortune 500 retailers for

more than 20 years. He oversees Mindshare’s business outside of North America and ensures its VoC programs

meet globally diverse customer needs.

Gary most recently worked as managing director of EMEA for Empathica, a Mindshare Technologies company.

During his time in charge, Empathica’s EMEA business grew by 1000% in just 6 years, with close to 100 new

client brands contributing to 40% of Empathica’s overall company revenue.

As managing director of Mindshare’s international business, Gary will be overseeing the UK-based Global Centre

of Excellence, which supports multi-unit brands in rolling out multi-market VoC programs that conform to the

unique service expectations of different cultures and markets. Mindshare currently operates in 125 countries

and 28 languages throughout the world.

Gary’s international team studies and develops multi-market, multi-cultural programs based on individual

countries and traditions. These unique programs help brands understand their customer experience and drive

operational improvements the world over.

In late 2012, after Empathica was acquired by Mindshare Technologies, Gary took on his current role as

managing director of international for Mindshare. At the time, he had been with Empathica for more than five

years, starting there as managing director of the United Kingdom in 2007 and moving up to managing director

of EMEA a few years later. Before his time at Empathica, Gary served as the international development director

at GfK NOP Ltd., the fifth largest market research firm in the world, as well as chief operations officer at NOP

World Mystery Shopping.