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Genon Laboratories are part of Synergy Health Laboratory Services (SHLS). SHLS is a leading analytical screening provider to a huge variety of organisations within the UK and beyond.  SHLS  provide General Pathology services to occupational health providers, occupational health departments within organizations, hospitals, GPs and more, offering a customised service to meet clients’ needs.

SHLS associates are also experts in the field of drug and alcohol testing, providing services throughout a wide range of industries including manufacturing,

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petrochemical, energy, transport, logistics and many more. SHLS is able to cover everything from policy

SHLS is part of Synergy Health plc delivering a range of specialist outsourcedservices to healthcare providers and other clients concerned with health management.development and implementation through to testing and awareness training with professionalism and care.

Is it legal? Is it safe? - the questions all foodservice providers should be confident in saying ‘yes’ to.

Food legislation is complex and changes frequently. Keeping up with the demands puts time and financial pressures on all food providers. The latest change to legislation has a tremendous impact on foodservice with requirements to clearly label all allergens present in all foods at the point of sale.

Allergen management is a term many organisations will soon become familiar with. At Genon we are able to help caterers develop a system of monitoring and control to ensure accurate information is provided to consumers while satisfying auditors’ checks.

We offer in-laboratory analysis, on-site test kits and cleaning and test kit validation work all backed up with an abundance of technical support. Authenticity and allergen testing is accessible, available at low cost and delivered quickly so you can achieve a high level of confidence with minimal disruption to your service.

Genon Laboratories is renowned for providing unrivalled customer service and a respected level of technical excellence. We have been serving food manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, foodservice and laboratories for over 7 years with specialist analytical services.

Whether you have a clear allergen management plan developed or are starting from scratch, the Genon team is waiting to serve you. Please use the link below to fill out our short survey aimed to help you understand upcoming changes to allergen legislation:

Visit, email or call 01422 884287 for more information.