Checkit is a leading provider of cloud-based automated monitoring and work management solutions for the food service, food manufacturing and contract catering sectors. Its range of intuitive handsets, wireless sensors and probes simplify and automate a multitude of routine tasks that are required to ensure quality standards and regulatory compliance, improving efficiency and reducing risk and costs. Checkit handsets alert staff to complete tasks and time-stamp and record the status in real time, while the next generation wireless sensors continuously collect data on temperature, humidity and door close status eliminating manual checks, protecting stock, reducing wastage and energy costs. The data is securely uploaded to the Cloud, from which managers in any location can view real-time and historic reports.

Checkit helps organisations from a single pub to a multi-site restaurant group, transform the way they manage food safety by replacing manual, paper-based records with a digital solution. This helps to ensures regulatory compliance, high quality standards, improved management visibility, greater efficiency, good reputation and cost savings. Customers include the Ritz, Claridges, One Aldwych, Inamo, Alton Towers, Abel & Cole, Bakkavor Cucina Sano, Ginsters, Quorn Foods, Integrated Pathology Partnerships, East Surrey Hospital, Wymondham College and Nanna Mexico.

In 2016, Checkit announced a partnership with Cambridge City Council, which approved the use of Checkit as a food safety management system.

Based in Cambridge, UK, Checkit is an independent business within Elektron Technology Group PLC. For more information call 01223 941459, visit, connect with us on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter.


How Checkit technology is transforming food safety compliance

Enabling food service businesses to operate with greater efficiency and reduced exposure to risk

Checkit’s digital food safety system is transforming compliance for every size of business. It alerts staff when checks are due, provides automatically created and tamper-proof digital records and makes it easier for businesses to improve standards.

Missed checks, mistakes in recording the results of checks, or even fraud, can be hard to notice or prevent. By the time an issue comes to light, perhaps during an EHO visit or worse, when a customer falls ill, it is already too late to do anything about it.

Checkit’s digital food safety management system is a fail-safe way of ensuring that staff perform essential hygiene tasks and, crucially, providing managers with the visibility that they have actually been done. Developed with the help of Cambridge City Council’s food safety enforcement team, Checkit is used by a fast growing number of catering, hospitality and food manufacturing businesses including The Ritz, Inamo, One Aldwych, Compass, Bakkavor and Moy Park. The system consists of wireless temperature probes and a handheld digital device incorporating pre-programmed interactive checklists. These checklists can include all the hygiene checks required to comply with the Food Standard Agency’s (FSA) Safer Food Better Business pack or the company’s own food safety management system. They can also be easily added to, which helps businesses ensure that any additional site-specific HACCP tasks or time-sensitive check is carried out.

The digital handset prompts staff when a check is due, providing instructions on how to complete the task. Once completed, the results are automatically time- and user-stamped and recorded in the cloud to form a complete, tamper-proof, audit-ready trail of work carried out.

Crucially, if a task has been overlooked, managers are instantly alerted and can take steps to address the issue before customers, staff or valuable stock are at risk.

Checkit’s cloud-based records can be accessed remotely, in real time, enabling managers to stay on top of the status of multiple sites at once, and focus their resources on improving standards and compliance where it is needed most. Lee Skinner, CEO of London-based, Pan-Asian restaurant group inamo, said: “The team’s ability to immediately access and display reports during an inspection is a major advantage. The response has been very favourable from the environmental health professionals who visit us, it is quick and easy to show them the key information they need.”

When an EHO inspector visits the site, the manager or Head Chef simply pulls up the cloud report, confident that every crucial task has been done. Digital records eliminate uncertainty from compliance and contribute to a quick, hassle-free inspection for both the business and the inspector.

Eliminating compliance paper work from daily routines contributes to productivity. As staff no longer need to spend time filling in and storing the paper records, they can spend more time on their core tasks.

Reviewing existing compliance management processes and upgrading to a more effective digital system is investing in the future of the business, enabling them to save time, money and meet the hygiene standards that customers rightly demand.