Gauntlet underwritten by QBE Insurance

gauntlet logo partnerGauntlet underwritten by QBE have been chosen by the BHA as their preferred supplier of insurance and risk management services.

In response, we are offering BHA members:

  • Free Gauntlet/BHA insurance scheme quotation
  • Free entry to our industry grading system for safety
  • Free access to our added value product lines
  • Discounted Risk Management services

Why did the BHA choose us?

  • We have the expertise

Gauntlet has served the Hospitality sector for over 25 years and that experience has provided us with expert knowledge of the needs of hotels, restaurants and other food service providers. We are not passive bystanders either, but are constantly striving to improve standards in the industry.

  • We have the reputation

We already act for many BHA members and we are proud of the glowing testimonials we have received from our satisfied customers – follow this link to read a selection of them on our website.

  • Crucially, we adopt best practice

Gauntlet has developed a best practice risk management model for the hospitality industry as a whole. The service is available to all BHA members, and can help businesses not only in their pursuit for excellence, but also in reducing their insurance costs.

  • We are passionate in our support of you

We are passionate about actively supporting the industry, and we put our money where our mouth is! We are patrons of Springboard and Hospitality Action, and we sponsor many of the leading industry events.

  • We are committed, and we innovate – to your benefit!

Many of our competitors only enter the hospitality insurance market in the good times when they see profits to be made, and exit it when the going gets tough. Our track record demonstrates our consistency and our commitment to serving the industry.

We constantly strive to provide the lowest premiums possible for our clients. As the UK’s leading supplier of hotel insurance we lead the market and will consistently provide competitive terms throughout the fluctuations that occur from time to time within the insurance industry.

  • We innovate – to your benefit!

We don’t stop working for you – we improve our cover year on year, and we offer our clients value added services that can provide them with additional income streams.

Register now by providing your renewal date and the contact details of your insurance manager and we will send you our quarterly newsletter covering the latest issues facing the hospitality industry including compliance, insurance, HR and Health and Safety.

Contact us:
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