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The hospitality industry is highly competitive, meaning it’s very challenging to make your products or services stand out from the crowd.  One way of doing so is to tell your organisation’s news and stories in engaging ways and continuously work on building relationships with those who matter most to your organisation, including the media, influencers, consumers and key stakeholders.


All-in-one PR technology

The Mynewsdesk platform allows you to quickly create your stories; publish them simultaneously to your website and social media channels, and email them to your distribution lists at the click of a button.

Acting as a central hub for all of the stories about your organisation - including press releases, blogs, video, images, social media feeds and multimedia content, it ensures visitors to your website are greeted with a whole host of high quality, fresh and engaging content about your organisation, while helping to boost your site’s SEO too.

Reach relevant hospitality influencers

In recent years we’ve seen the rise in the popularity and influence of food and travel blogs. In addition, social media has empowered the voice of the everyday consumer, meaning every customer is now a potential reviewer of your product or services. The Mynewsdesk tool helps you to find and build relationships with the relevant influential people in the hospitality industry including bloggers and journalists, as well as helping you keep track of what’s being said about your organisation online.

About Mynewsdesk

Mynewsdesk is the world’s leading all-in-one brand newsroom and multimedia PR platform. Over 60,000 PR and marketing communications professionals use our platform to publish and distribute their content, achieve greater visibility across search and social media, connect with key influencers, and tell their stories.


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Costa Coffee

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Virgin trains
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