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giving card logo partnerWhat is The Giving Card?

The Giving Card is a point of sale discount card linked to charitable giving. In a nutshell, the general public can save thousands of pounds a year on their shopping, charities get additional revenues and the companies The Giving Card work with get free advertising and increased footfall through their doors.

The Giving Card costs £34.95 for an annual subscription. Out of this amount, £10 is donated directly to the purchaser’s charity of choice. Cardholders can use The Giving Card across the UK to enjoy discounts in a wide range of categories: Food and Drink, Health and Beauty, Travel and Leisure, Entertainment, Service and Retail. If you fall into any of these categories and want more business and customer loyalty – sign up now for free HERE.

Aims and objectives of The Giving Card

  • Drive incremental footfall into businesses on the local high street and online for free
  • To provide the UK’s leading discount card offering unbeatable savings everyday helping to drive down the cost of living
  • Increase donations to charities across the UK

How BHA members can get involved?

If you are interested in marketing your business for FREE on The Giving Card website please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department on or 0845 862 1000.

Alternatively, simply visit HERE to register for free and add your profile to our website.

Involvement with the BHA 2012

The British Hospitality Association partnered with The Giving Card to offer each of their members a complimentary The Giving Card as a thank you to their members for showing a great deal of support to the industry. The card provided members with a year’s access to discounts to a vast number of lifestyle products, goods and services across the UK.

The Giving Card also aimed to promote members of the BHA, pushing more customers through their doors and keeping the British Hospitality industry thriving! We offered members a completely free listing with The Giving Card publicising their company and offer to our thousands of members all year round. All you have to do is submit an offer that members can redeem each time they book or visit your company.

Who does The Giving Card help?

The Giving Card has three sets of customers; cardholders, charities and businesses. There are different key benefits for each of these groups, as detailed below.

Cardholders – Throughout the year, members enjoy discounts on everything from clubs to car hire, in the knowledge they’re also helping a worthy cause. Discounts are continually updated via the website, giving cardholders ever increasing opportunities to save money.

Charities – The Giving Card offers charities an easy way to raise extra revenue, involving no charges or stockholding and minimum effort on their part. Its aim is to reward people who want to support charities. Every year £10 from their annual subscription goes directly to their chosen charity whilst each cardholder enjoys year-round discounts with a huge range of companies. Charities stand to gain considerable extra income and have nothing to lose.

Businesses – The Giving Card offers businesses an easy, highly cost-effective way to increase their sales and promote their brand. The Giving Card does not charge participating companies- the only thing they have to provide are discounts for cardholders. Particularly in such a tough economic climate, The Giving Card recognises the struggles that businesses face; therefore, a key benefit of teaming up with the company is that there is no cost to be part of The Giving Card. Other benefits include: potential increased footfall, aiding customer loyalty, greater brand awareness, goods and services are consistently promoted throughout the year at no cost, enhances corporate social responsibility credentials and helps gain a competitive edge over local competitors.

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