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The British Hospitality Associaition (BHA) and Utilitywise are working together to help members get better value from their energy contracts, reduce their energy consumption, and lower their carbon footprint.

Times are hard enough if you are running a business, and once you’ve factored your energy cost into the equation things can look even bleaker. Whether you’re baking bread, running a hotel, or a high end restaurant your energy spend is likely to be a high proportion of your company costs.

We understand the burden energy bills can be on your business, and how important it is to reduce your energy consumption.

Comprehensive energy management services

Utilitywise has teamed up with the BHA to offer you a comprehensive energy management service and help you reduce that burden. We cover every aspect of your energy use, from the bill you pay at the end of each month to the energy consumption of every circuit. We can even help you go green by carbon offsetting your energy spend.

We know what questions to ask when we’re negotiating with your supplier, and we know which aspects of your business can be targeted to reduce your energy consumption and save you money.

Free energy health check – see what you could save

BHA members can claim a free Energy Health Check (EHC) from Utilitywise. We’ll benchmark your energy use against a national database of similar businesses and give you an efficiency rating similar to an official Display Energy Certificate (DEC). In fact, our EHC uses the same data, methodology, and protocols as a DEC. It’s the first step to seeing if you could reduce your energy consumption.

A complete service from energy use to energy saving

Once you know where the savings can be made, we can put the changes in place with our Ecofit team. They’ll fit the equipment that can save you energy, and also make suggestions on changes to staff behaviour. Simple behavioural change can make a tremendous difference to your energy spend.

Get some energy saving stickers

Do not underestimate the savings that can be made just by encouraging your staff to turn things off. Claim a pack of energy saving stickers by email your name and address to BHA@utilitywise.com

What to do next

Let us help you gain control over your energy, call our dedicated BHA energy team on 0191 425 5480 and ask for your free Energy Health Check.

Or email your details to BHA@utilitywise.com