Using less water, lowering water bills and being more socially responsible are some of the key benefits commercial water users experience by adopting Waterscan’s professional approach to water management.  Developing a strategic approach helps safeguard an organisation’s sustainable water future; addressing potential risks and setting reduction targets.

Offer for BHA Members

  • Account investigation (Invoice validation, water cost and consumption reduction) - can achieve a reduction in annual spend of up to 55%; in excess of £2.6 million in savings and refunds have been realised already
  • Rainwater harvesting - reduce mains water consumption by up to 30%
  • Greywater recycling - reduce mains water consumption by up to 40%
  • Water leak detection & repair – dependant on the size of the leak, total savings of over £1.65 million have been achieved
  • Procurement – average reduction in charges of 20% achieved in Scotland where retail competition exists. The English market is opening in 2017
  • Strategic planning – whatever your goals and targets, with reduction targets of over 8% and 21% already achieved for Spirit Pub Company and Whitbread respectively.

How to contact 
T: 01243 839880

E: info@waterscan.com

To use this service, please contact Waterscan directly and have your membership number at hand.