Philip Stein

philip stein

Philip Stein is a luxury company, that designs, manufactures and distributes high-end watches and accessories with an additional wellbeing benefit, by utilising the unique proprietary Natural Frequency Technology.

In 2003 Philip Stein brought something truly new to the world of premium products: a distinctive watch that helps to improve its wearer’s quality of life.

Today, you can find Philip Stein timepieces and bracelets in more than 30 countries around the world and our research is constantly exploring new ways to use this unique technology, to offer more accessories and products that help us live in tune.

All Philip Stein products contain our unique Natural Frequency Technology disc, which is programmed to act like an antenna, picking up only the beneficial natural frequencies that help to fulfil a particular need. Watches and Bracelets may help to cope with stress and improve focus, while our Sleep Bracelets can help wearers fall asleep naturally and wake refreshed.


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