What's it all about?

The Big Hospitality Conversation is a nationwide initiative led by the British Hospitality Association in partnership with Springboard, Believe in Young People, DWP, National Apprenticeship Services, and Barclays. It brings together influential industry leaders from the top hospitality businesses with young people to do three things.

  • Stimulate an important dialogue between them on employability skills, work experience and apprenticeships
  • Encourage and offer more quality work experiences, more apprenticeships, and employ more local young people
  • Through BHA, take a powerful message to Government to gain proper recognition about the important and significant contribution the hospitality industry is playing to stimulate economic recovery, address youth employment and stimulate growth

The Big Hospitality Conversation gives young people a voice; it gives industry leaders the opportunity to interact with young people, hear their views, understand and respond to their challenges; it gives the industry a powerful message to take to Government.

British Hospitality Association members have joined forces to create 60,000 new job opportunities for young people by 2016. It’s all part of our campaign to inspire the next generation of young people into a career in hospitality and to actively demonstrate our industry’s power to tackle youth unemployment.

The British Hospitality industry, incorporating restaurants and food service management, employs 10% of the national workforce, accounting for more than 2.7 million jobs across Britain. The Big Hospitality Conversation is our industry’s biggest job creation drive to offer opportunities to unemployed young people in the UK.

Since the first event in London in July 2012, there have been 31 events across the UK, attended by circa 2700 industry leaders and 4000 young people resulting in over 44,000 pledges of action

We are delighted that The Prince of Wales applauded BHA members and our work.

We look forward to working with business or all sizes on this exciting initiative to fundamentally change the lives of young people in the UK, at the same time as attracting and nurturing the best talent for the ongoing success and vitality of Hospitality.

Don’t miss your chance to attend one of our exciting ‘The Big  Hospitality Conversation’ events so you can see what difference the involvement of your company can make to help tackle youth unemployment in the UK.