Tim Jones Co-Founder, Hotel 2030

Tim is an expert in innovation, growth and foresight and advises a wide range of organisations on these issues.

He has worked across many diff erent sectors including food, energy, travel, banking, consumer products and

healthcare. As such, he is able to see connections between issues and extract the important concepts that will

drive future growth and innovation.

Tim has several roles across the innovation and futures arena: He is a co-founder of the Growth Agenda

network that helps major organisations identify and exploit emerging opportunities; he is Programme Director

of the Future Agenda the world’s leading open foresight project; and he is also CEO of Innovation Leaders which

profi les the most eff ective innovators across 25 sectors and is now also the basis for an investment fund

In recent years, Tim has worked with a number of hospitality organisations including leading innovation

programmes for InterContinental Hotels plc., kick-starting deeper, richer insight; developing a number of radical

brand propositions and challenging internal assumptions on growth options and innovation opportunities. Tim

launched the Hotel2030 foresight project in May 2013.

Tim has Masters degree in engineering and design from Cambridge University, Imperial College and the Royal

College of Art as well as a PhD focused on innovation performance.